Sanity meets productivity

Tired of seeing your mental health being overlooked at work? Register your interest to know once Dawn is ready!

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Mindful companies

Your team(s) needs the right conditions to do their best work. Mental health can no longer be an afterthought. Dawn helps you tie both together so you can focus on making the work.

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Your plate's
never too full

Carrying the burden of having too much on and not knowing how to do it all? With Dawn, you’ll have just enough work. Never too much or too little.

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It grows and
learns with you

The more you use it, the more it knows how you work, the easier it gets. Your time is best spent on doing the work, rather than on planning it.

task and project management tool Dawn app

Gain & provide
complete clarity

Stop spending time figuring out what to do or where things are. With Dawn, everyone is one the same page and can focus on getting things done.

Why Dawn?

We spend a third of our days on work, so we should feel empowered. This can be done by putting the humans back at the centre of work.

We want to put human beings back at the centre of project management.
Better hours
We believe working better hours > working more hours.
Mental health part of the process, not an afterthought.

We’re building Dawn for companies that dare to care. Get things done while taking care of your people.